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What Are H1Z1 Crates

time 02/17/2018

H1Z1 is a game with a microtransaction system that allows players to get all sorts of customization items. These cosmetic items are found in crates. There are two ways to obtain the crates. Players will get them while they play a round of H1Z1. The trouble is that the crates acquired in the game are locked. To open them, players need crowns. This is the premium currency used at the marketplace. Players also have the option to get crates that aren't locked directly from the marketplace in exchange for crowns. There are six types of crates and each type can be obtained in the game or bought as a premium item. 
Players obtain one customization item per crate. The item is random but there is a list of possible drops for each crate so players get an idea of what item to expect. The complete list with crate drops can be consulted on the official H1Z1 website. All items contained in these crates are cosmetic items. They are simply skins that can change the appearance of weapons or clothing. Players don't get any items that might help them win games. There are six types of crates. 
Players have the chance to get Zodiac, Payload, Trickster, Invitational, Nemesis, and Nomad crates. Before acquiring a crate or deciding which type of crate to open, players should check out the drop list. They can even see how the items will look on their character. Some items are animated. Items are classified by their rarity. This attribute decides an item's drop chance. Items can be common, uncommon, rare, and ultra rare. Players will mostly obtain common items and, as we can expect, is the ultra rare items that are most sought. The Bandit Mask and the animated Volcanic AK-47 are the some of the ultra rare items. The Pandamonium Motorcycle Helmet is a rare item. The Pandamonium Hoodie and the Anarchy Motorcycle Helmet have bigger drop chances as they have uncommon rarity. Items such as the Urban Camo Backpack are common and are easily obtained. for more items, skins and  H1Z1 information please visit u7buy, we will keep  you posted.  

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