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Five PUBG Tips For New Players

time 02/19/2018

Communication is key when playing in a squad. Some might think that playing in a team automatically increases the chances of success. Truth is that working as a team can be a challenge in itself if players are not on the same page. Team members should come up with a plan before the round begins and stick with it. Communication is vital so players need to use a program for voice chat. More PUBG information are here for you. 
Be aware of your surroundings when you play alone. This is probably easier said than done but try to make a habit out of it early and it will come naturally at one point. Always know what your surroundings are so you where the enemy is more likely to come from. Avoid open areas as much as you can. If you are in an open area try to get as little attention as possible even if that means passing a kill opportunity. 
Be versatile. There are different ways to kill other players. If you come from single player games where you are used to choosing a play style and sticking with it until the end of the game, you might think that this applies here as well. In PUBG, you will find yourself in all sorts of situations that require a different strategy or usage of certain weapons and equipment.
Keep a low profile. PUBG is not the kind of game that rewards those who head into the battle all guns blazing. Don't forget that it's you versus 99 (or 98 or 96 if you are playing in a team or a squad) other players so you won't be alive much time if you alert others of your presence. Be stealthy, don't draw unnecessary attention, and always look for cover. 
Do a bit of research. If you have friends that play PUBG and they're willing to tell you more about the game, that's great. If you don't, then the Internet is your friend. Do some research on maps, weapons, and equipment. Lists with tips like this one are worth checking out as well. 

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