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NBA Live Mobile – How to Complete Legendary Sets in Season 2

time 02/20/2018

NBA Live Mobile players who want to boost their teams with some great OVR 89 cards should not miss the Legendary sets. From the Sets screen, players will see a tab called Legendary. Tapping on it will reveal the associated set categories. There are two of them. 
The first category is called Legendary and it has three sets. The first one called Chance at Legendary Player gives a collectible as a reward and it also has a chance to drop one Legendary player. These collectibles are in fact Legendary badges that can be exchanged for one Legendary player. To complete this set players will need 20 gold Legendary tokens. The second set, Legendary Player, is completed with 10 badges. There are two ways to get these badges. Players can complete the previous set and take part in the live events that give these badges as a reward. The third and last set of this category will reward players with a wildcard. This is obtained in exchange for 10 Legendary player cards. This wildcard can be used for other sets. All three sets in this category can be completed several times. 
The second category, Ultimate Legends, has seven sets that allow players to obtain basketball players cards. By the way, it's hard to get players with NBA Live Mobile Coins now, so it's very good to join this. Legend Steve Nash requires players to have all four Nash Legendary cards. In exchange for these, they will receive 92 OVR Steve Nash '05. The second set is called Ultimate Legend Vince Carter and it's similar to the first one. The received card is 92 OVR Vince Carter '07. The next five sets are also similar in terms of requirements but the reward is an 89 OVR card. Players will need all four previous card versions to acquire the grand reward. The cards obtained from these sets are Dominique Wilkins '88, Jason Kidd '02, Ben Wallace '04, Manu Ginobili '11, and Andre Iguodala '15. These sets are not repeatable. The obtained players are great items that will improve My Team's OVR. 

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