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FF14 - Recruit A Friend and Get Rewards!

time 02/23/2018

FF14 is an MMORPG with a recruiting program that rewards players for bringing their friends into the game. The program was introduced two years after the game was released and it's available ever since. Here is what you need to know about the program so you can lure your friends and get the rewards. 
Recruiters earn prizes for the first six friends they convince to give the game a try. For the first person brought into the game, players will get five Gold Chocobo Feathers and a new emote. The emote uses the /fistbump or /brofist command and enables characters to bump fists. For the other five friends, players will get the Feathers only. The Feathers are specific to this recruiting feature and cannot be earned from another activity or bought. The Calamity Salvager is the NPC that accepts these Feathers as payment for all sorts of FF14 items. Eight types of dyes are available. Ten Aetheryte Tickets will be received in exchange for one Feather. For 15 tokens, players will unlock a flying mount. For eight tokens, a red Chocobo can be bought. The Managarm Horn item that unlocks another mount, costs eight Feathers as well. 
More rewards are earned based on friends' subscription length. For 30 days, recruiters get an XP boost that works for characters under level 25. They will also get an item that transports them to an aetheryte that is close to New Adventures of a person who is in the user's friends list. For 90 subscription days, players get a two-seat mount. For 150, 210, and 270 days, five more Feathers are received for each tier. The recruited friend gets rewards as well. They get the 20% XP boost, 99 uses of the aetheryte system for free, the fist bump emote, and Silver Chocobo Feathers. These Feathers are exchanged at the Calamity Salvager vendor for level 20, 50, and 60 equipment and weapons which you could get fast with FF14 power leveling service. The NPC is found in all three main FF14 cities. To recruit a friend, players need to log in to the main website and visit the Mog Station. 

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