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An Introduction to Rocket League Game Modes

time 02/27/2018

Rocket League, the game that brilliantly mixes vehicles with soccer, can be played in a variety of ways.  Lots of game modes allow players to experience different team setups, scenarios, and challenges. There are many ways to categorize modes so let's begin by separating them by the number of players. The game features single player activities and multiplayer modes. Single player modes are those that give players the chance to interact only with bots. Training is one of these modes. It's played offline and it offers various training scenarios. Free Play has no objectives, it's just the player and the ball in the arena. The player can practice moves and controls. In Goalie, players must alter the ball's trajectory so it doesn't go into the goal by touching it only one time. In Aerial, players need to guide the ball into the goal within a certain time frame. Striker is similar to the previous mode but this time the ball is on the ground and not in the air as the name of the previous mode suggested. Players can also create a custom training scenario. They will choose the map, the difficulty and the mode. Striker and Goalie modes are available. The map can be shared with other players. 
Two more single player modes are available: bots and season. When playing with bots, the modes will be the ones used for multiplayer. Players can team up against bots in local play or online. Several difficulty settings are available. Season mode is similar to a campaign mode where players get to customize their challenges. All of these modes are great but Rocket League's great appeal is the multiplayer component. Players can compete in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. It's possible to play in private matches against friends and against random players. Ranked and casual play are also available. Players can choose from a couple of modes. Hoops is a mode where baskets take the place of goals. Snow Day uses a hockey puck instead of a ball. In Dropshot players use the ball to break hexagons on the floor. Rumble mode features power-ups and a battle royale scenario. An assortment of maps allows players to experience modes in different locations. 
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