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Most Popular Runescape 2007 Mini-Games

time 02/28/2018

Duel Arena is one of the most popular Runescape 2007 mini-games for two reasons: it's simple and it's free. Players choose the rules by which they will fight each other. Items are not lost upon defeat unless players staked them. It's not mandatory to stake items. 
Inferno. This is a mini-game in which players fight alone against 69 waves of monsters. The last wave is an encounter against a boss, TzKal-Zuk. The reward for completing this activity is the infernal cape. 
Barbarian Assault. This is similar to Inferno in the sense that the mini-game is a combat scenario against waves of monsters. This time players will fight in a group against 10 waves and one boss. 
Nightmare Zone. This mini-game gives players the chance to fight against monsters they have previously defeated for quests. 
Gnome Restaurant. A fun and safe cooking mini-game that tasks players with making food and taking it to customers. 
Rogues' Den. Players will make use of their thieving and agility skills to complete the maze. There are all sorts of traps to avoid and obstacles to overcome. Players will earn XP for agility and thieving from this mini-game. 
Volcanic Mine. This is a timed mini-game in which players have 10 minutes to complete a task before the volcano erupts. They will have to shape and move a boulder to the destination by mining it. 
Treasure Trails. Players obtain clue scrolls and decipher them to obtain valuable rewards liek Runescape 2007 Gold. The scrolls are a rare drop from monsters. 
Shades of Mort'ton. Players will have to use their combat, crafting, and firemaking skills for this one. The rewards include XP, sacred oil, and shade keys. 
Castle Wars. This is a safe free mini-game that allows players to take part in a game of Capture the Flag. Players earn tickets that can be traded for various rewards such as decorative equipment and three types of halos. 
Burthorpe Games Room. Players are transported to a place where they can play a Runescape 2007 version of board-games such as checkers, connect-four, Reversi, and lines.   

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