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H1Z1 - What is Weapon Roulette

time 03/02/2018

H1Z1 has an event that makes matches even more exciting and interesting. Weapon Roulette is such an event. In a regular H1Z1 match, players are free to use whichever weapons they can get their hands on. Just like any other type of equipment, weapons must be found or looted first. The same thing goes for ammo. Players have a limited amount of ammo to use so when they run out of it they have to look for more. The event changes these rules. All players will use the same weapon that comes with a never-ending supply of ammo. All players receive the same weapon when the game begins. The weapon is randomly chosen from the current weapons selection. After a while, the weapon changes and so on. Each time, the weapon is randomly selected so all players fight using the same weapon. They never need to worry about ammo during this event. Needless to say, this event stirs things up. Players are free from the burden of having to get weapons and they can concentrate on other things. This event allows players to get creative and try out all sorts of crazy strategies. At the end of the game, players get rewarded and event bonuses are given to the first ten players. The winner gets 1,000 skulls and the other nine get 300 skulls. 
Weapon Roulette is a time limited event. Players can see the ongoing events in the game. They need to be in the Main Menu from where they will select the Play option. A list will be displayed. Players need to check out the last item on the list which is the Event menu. If there are any events, they will be displayed there. It's also important to note that event matches are available at popular hours and in a limited number. 
So players will only take part in a certain number of event matches if they happen to be online when the server is most busy. Players can also check out the game's official website and the Twitter page for announcements to see when the event is available. Also u7buy is available for video game news and cheap ESO Items. Welcome register u7buy to get more. 

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