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Check Out How Much Professional NBA 2K18 Players Will Earn in NBA 2K League

time 03/06/2018

The NBA 2K18 community is excited about the upcoming NBA 2K League event. Announced in 2017 and planned to start in 2018, the league brings together e-sports and NBA. The tryouts have already ended, a new qualification stage is going on, and more details are starting to emerge. The prize pool for the first season has been announced. The total amount is $1 million. Players will receive a salary for the six months they will be participating in the league. The salary depends on the draft. Those who will be picked in the first round get $35,000. For the others, the salary will be just a bit lower. They will get $32,000. Teams can also get prizes. There will be four events that allow them to get more money. Those who win the tournaments get rewarded and there is also the main league championship event. All these events are great chances for players to boost their income. Better players get better earn, same in game that better players cost more NBA 2K18 MT in transfer market. 
Endorsement deals represent another opportunity for players. They will be able to increase their earnings by signing endorsements. Housing will also be provided for the entire duration of the first season. Relocation bonuses are offered as well. Players will have medical insurance. The other benefits include a retirement plan. The whole experience will be practically cost free for players as all travel expenses and food are provided by the league. 
The 17 NBA teams that are taking part in the inaugural season will each have a team to represent them in the league. The league's structure resembles the NBA's. After a qualification period in January 2018, players will go through one more stage called the Combine. The 102 players who make it will be drafted just like NBA players. A team will have six players. No one knows on which criteria the draft will run. Performance will surely count but there might be other reasons to make teams pick players. The contracts are planned for signing starting March. The season will start in spring 2018 and will continue throughout the summe. Do you like this topic? leave a comment if you do, and we will talk more about FUT 18 Players in future. 

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