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FUT 18 World Cup is Round the Corner!

time 03/11/2018

Since 1998, EA Sports has uninterruptedly brought a version of the World Cup of the best-selling football video game in the world every time the tournament has been held. Twenty years after the appointment in France, the World Cup will be held in Russia and everything points to the format of the title will change again.
Already in 2014, EA brought the World Cup in the form of a free DLC for the next generation consoles. This DLC included a World Cup Mode for on all platforms and a World Cup Kick Off Mode for PS4 and XBOX ONE.
A spanish journalist of the COPE Network and narrator of the FUT matches since 1997, confirmed during an interview with Daniel Montes, responsible for marketing of EA Sports in Spain, that in December the recordings of the FUT 18 World Cup would begin. Get FUT 18 Players for your team and get ready for this FUT World Cup. Interestingly, Manolo Lama (the Spanish journalist) debuted in the world of video games with FUT 98: Road to the World Cup, first title of this World Cup series.
According to various web portals dedicated to videogames and sports, the new version of the World Cup will arrive at FUT 18 in the form of a free update, and makes reference to the words of Manolo Lama during the interview to bet that it will be released during the spring, possibly in May. This is the month when all the great FUT events are over.
Also, he dare to venture that the update will bring a new mode for , as already done in FUT 14, in addition to new stadiums, national teams and special letters In Form according to the performance of the players during the World Cup. In addition, it is speculated on with the inclusion of a World Cup style tournament to play Offline. At last, buy FUT 18 Account from u7buy will help you save both your time and money for coins. Give it a try!

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