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CS: GO - Modes Explained

time 03/10/2018

Playing CS: GO for the first time can be overwhelming. The game is not complicated but there are lots of modes and maps so a beginner may not know what to choose. To play a match against random players, users will access the Play menu and select the first option which is Find a Game. Here are all the available options. First players will notice two tabs called Common and Workshop. These refer to the maps. Common maps are made by the developers while Workshop maps are created by the community. We will talk about the Common category. Upon choosing this tab, five sub-tabs will be available. Check all CS: GO Game Mode here. 
Deathmatch. The rules of this mode such as the lack of friendly fire and duration of the rounds are displayed for players to check them out. Four categories of maps are available in this mode. The most iconic CS: GO map, Dust II, is present here. Players can compete in bomb defuse and hostage scenarios. It's also worth noting that matches can be won by killing all the members of the enemy team. Players can mouse over a map category to see which scenario is associated with those maps and which maps are available. 
War Games. Three modes are available here: arms race, demolition, and flying scoutsman. In arms race, players will go through a selection of weapons that are upgraded when getting a kill or lost when dying. Demolition mode plays by bomb defuse rules with the weapon system from arms race. Flying scoutsman allows players to use only sniper rifles as weapons. They can also perform long jumps and experience aerial combat. 
Casual. The available maps and modes are just like the ones used in Deathmatch but the rules are different. 
Wingman. In this mode, friendly fire is present and team collision is on. This is a competitive mode which means that players will get ranks for their performance. Several maps that have all sorts of scenarios are available. 
Competitive. This mode is for players that wish to match skills against others. The available maps can be checked out when this mode is selected. Competitive has a specific rule set and it's considered one of the most challenging ways to play the game. 
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