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Rocket League - What is Dropshot Mode

time 03/17/2018

Rocket League is soccer with vehicles. Players take control of a vehicle and use it to score goals. It's a fun concept. But developers knew that players won't be satisfied long-term with just one game mode so they came up with multiple variants of the core gameplay. One of these variants is a game mode called Dropshot. The main elements are still the same and so is the objective. Vehicles, a ball, and goals are still part of this new mode that has two additional elements: panels and damage. 
Each team has a floor with panels. The objective is to destroy these panels. Goals will be scored through the gaps that result from broken panels. How do you destroy a panel? By hitting it with the ball. The ball has a new mechanic as well. In this mode, players will use an electrified ball that gains more damaging potential. There are three ball phases. When the ball is upgraded to a new phase, it becomes more powerful. To get the ball to a superior phase, players must keep it off the ground for as long as possible. This is done by hitting it with the cars. A first stage ball damages one tile. The second stage ball damages seven tiles. The third stage ball damages 19 panels. So , get good Rocket League items for your car is very important, by the way. What do you think?
The new ball mechanic makes way for a new stat. In addition to goals and assists, this mode also accounts for dealt damage. This new attribute measures the damage done to panels. Dealing more damage means breaking more panels. More broken panels increase the chance to score goals. A panel must be hit twice to be broken. When it's hit for the first time, it will be activated. The second hit will break it. The gap left by a broken panel is a place to score a goal. A new map is also introduced with this new mode. Its name is Core 707. Players will notice that this new map is a hexagon shaped arena. The new mode was added as a free update after the game was released. 

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