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H1Z1 Is Now Available At No Cost

time 03/21/2018

H1Z1 had a major business model change by going free to play literally overnight. The servers were shut down for a scheduled maintenance and, meanwhile, the announcement that the game will be free to play was made. A few hours later, anyone could download and play the game without having to pay a cent. The transition came as a pleasant surprise, especially for those that have been eyeballing the game but weren't convinced if it's worth the money. The free to play launch also came with an announcement regarding the e-sports side of the game. The Pro League is set to debut in April 2018. Fans are invited to attend the Las Vegas games or to watch the streams if they cannot travel to the location. Fifteen teams will take part in the first season of this new league. 
Those who already own the game are due for a compensation. They will receive an appreciation pack for supporting the game and its not so easy development journey. The H1Z1 Appreciation Pack contains three items, ten crates, and 10,000 skulls. The three items are a gas runner hoodie, bloom survivor T-shirt, and a splinter camo ARV. The received crates are Victory crates. 
Three DLCs are now available as well. The Bronze pack costs $19.99 and it includes 10 Mayhem crates, two Bronze Zodiac crates, an Urbanator outfit, and the riot shotgun that drops from Zodiac crates. The Silver pack costs $49.99. It includes all the items from the previous pack plus 15 more Mayhem crates, two Silver Zodiac crates, pink poodle sedan, dog racer lola mask, silver soldier outfit, the AK-47 from the Zodiac crate, and 20,000 skulls. All these items are included in the Gold pack that costs $99.99. Those who buy it will also get one Gold Mayhem crate, more Mayhem crates, slate camo ARV, Westwood outfit, crimson etched AK-47, and 50,000 skulls. 
H1Z1 had a recent update that added a new way to play the game. The new mode is called auto royale and it's a team based battle royale with cars. Players are reminded that H1Z1 is available through Steam. For more information please stay tuned with us. By the way, we are offering cheap price for FUT 18 Account to celebrate the FUT Birthday. Do not miss it.

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