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What Items Are Used in Rocket League for Customization

time 03/25/2018

Rocket League players have the possibility to customize their battle cars. This is a cosmetic option that doesn't change attributes. The only thing that is changing is the way a vehicle looks. Even though the change is purely cosmetic, players like collecting items that are used for customization. There are ten categories of items. Some items are platform specific.
The body category has numerous items that can give a battle car varied appearances. From the Delorean Time Machine to Batman's Batmobile to road hogs, there are lots of options to satisfy multiple tastes. Samus Aran's gunship, Mario NSR, and Luigi NSR are Nintendo Switch exclusives. Armadillo and hog sticker are Xbox One exclusives while the Sweet Tooth can only be acquired on PlayStation 4. Players might also like to give their car a new color by using one of the available paint items. These are obtained by opening crates. Nothing is funkier than a rare or ultra rare banner. There are lots of items in this category. Common banners like Hexed or Zebra are easily acquired but for rare ones such as Soccer Ball or Unicorn, players will need to open crates. There are also time limited banners obtained by taking part in Rocket League seasons.
Another category that has many Rocket League items buying is the wheels category. Just like bodies, wheels can be platform exclusives. The exclusive ones correspond to exclusive bodies. There are also premium, exotic, time limited, import, and very rare wheels. Boosts will also make a car look unique. Many boosts such as rainbow, sparkles, and themed boosts are available. Players can even get a Batman themed boost. Antennas are also used for customization. This is one of the categories that have the most diverse items. Cartoon characters, superheroes, donuts, games, and lost of other diverse themed antennas can be used. Each battle car has a set of decals that can be found under the decal category. Lots of options are present here as well. Toppers, as varied as antennas, are also on the items list. Trails to give a finishing touch can also be used. Several goal explosions are part of the customization system.

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