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FUT 18 and Other EA Games Suffered Connection Drops: the Company's Response

time 03/27/2018

Apparently it was not your connection that was failing last week. FUT 18 and other EA games have been affected by a technical error of the same company. Some players from Star Wars: Battlefront, Madden NFL 18 and even Battlefield 1 also started reporting failures in social networks.
But do not start to get angry, EA went to clarify this right away on Twitter. The Electronic Arts support team confirmed that they had found several damage to its optical fiber, and that this had caused intermittent cuts in the connection of several of its games, including FUT 18.
As if that were not enough, the next day they confirmed that they were already working on a solution. They have been collaborating with the service provider to detect the specific problem. Apparently it was not the only company affected, since Blizzard also received complaints from its players. Sure, Hearthstone complaints about everything (it happened to me).
Two days later the Electronic Arts support team confirmed that problems had already been solved in games like FUT 18 and others. They recommend players restart their session on different platforms so that the connection is restored.
Although there were 3 days in which we could not enjoy the FUT 18 online services and other EA games, it should be noted that Electronic Arts responded quickly to this problem and did not remain silent like other companies ... Activision (cof, cof).
You also have troubles to play online? Do you think this will happen again? Tell us about your experience and your thoughts in the comments box! 

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