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Rocket League – Celebrate Spring with the Fever Event

time 04/01/2018

There are many reasons to celebrate the beginning of spring and one of them is the Rocket League Spring Fever event. Those who play the game will be happy to know that for almost three weeks starting with March 19, they have the chance to acquire new items to customize their cars. The way to do this is, of course, to play the game. A new crate has been introduced. It's called Spring Fever crate. Players obtain crates of this type when they take part in online matches. However, there are two more ways to get the crate. Players will also be earning a special event currency called Flowers. The crate can be purchased in exchange for this currency. The crate is not the only item that is bought with Flowers. There are 10 more new items that are obtained in the same way. The third way to get the crate is to simply buy it from the store. This option allows players to obtain the crate as a premium item. 
Here are the items that can drop from Spring crates. Callous Bros. is a rare decal that will give vehicles a really cool look. If for some reason, you want your vehicle to look like it has been hit with eggs then the Egged decal is for you. You might expect from a decal called Hip-Hop to be about the music but it's about bunnies and carrots just as the Pollinator is about flowers and bees. Lustrum X10 is a customization for wheels. If you want your car to have a sweet look, then the Doughnut wheels are the answer. Illuminata wheels will surely attract attention. Another way to turn all eyes on you is to use the Geo Soul rocket boost. Or maybe you would like to leave a floral trail with the Springtime Flowers boost. One very rare Rocket League item that can be found in this crate is the Doughnut Eater banner. Players have until April 9 to collect these customization items. 

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