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What is Missing in Women's Football to Achieve More Fans in FUT 18?

time 03/31/2018

EA Sports is a company that has bet heavily on women's football. After many years in which the gamers shouted for it (even with some signature collection campaign carried out by such famous soccer players as the Spanish Vero Boquete), in FUT 16 the girls finally had a space in the sports simulator with the inclusion of twelve national teams for the first time in the history of the saga. In FUT 17 the number of selections was increased to fourteen and in FUT 18 we have one more available. In this last installment, in addition, users also have the opportunity to incarnate a female character, Kim Hunter, in the story mode of the game (The Way: The Return of Hunter).
However, women's football is not as relevant to the FUT community as could be expected from it. At the end of last season, a study was conducted to find out what percentage of FUT 17 gamers had unlocked achievements and trophies related to women's football, with rather poor results: only a tenth of the game's owners had tried to play a game with girls. But why does this happen?
Do you all like women's soccer?
Perhaps one of the main handicaps with which women's football is found in FUT 18 Players has to do with society. Boys' football is the king sport, which monopolizes practically all the media outlets, leaving them in the background. Although this is changing and the media increasingly devote more space to the current women's football, so this situation can be transferred little by little to the virtual playing field. But much remains to be done and we should all do self-criticism. 

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