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NBA 2K18 – NBA 2K League Draft Lottery and League Draft Announced

time 04/03/2018

The e-sports league formed by NBA 2K18 and NBA is rapidly taking shape. The latest stage, the draft lottery, decided the order for the draft. This is a process that will decide which team players will join. The past qualification stages singled out 102 NBA 2K18 users. These will be the players in the first season of the league. But before the first match can take place, the 17 competing teams must be decided. Each NBA team will have its pick at selecting the desired players. To make sure each team has a fair chance the draft will take place following snake order. There are six players in a team so there will be six draft rounds. Each round, a team gets to select one player. The selected rules state that the order in which teams select players changes after each round. The lottery event took place in New York at the MSG Networks 7th Avenue studio. The draft lottery decides the initial order. This is done randomly by selecting ping-pong balls. The equipment is the same one that the NBA uses for the lottery. Each ping-pong ball represents a team that is participating in the NBA 2K League. The first selected ball marks the last team in the first round. The lottery ends by choosing the first team. 
The 17 balls that represent the teams are shaken for 20 seconds and then one is randomly chosen. The remaining 16 are once again mixed and one is extracted. This goes on until all balls are chosen. The team that gets to pick first in the first round is Mavs Gaming. This is the NBA 2K League team that is managed by the Dallas Mavericks. The last team is Warriors Gaming Squad from NBA's Golden State Warriors. Fans are reminded that the draft will take place on the 4th of April. It's the first time when NBA teams draft for e-sports teams. 
The event will be held in New York at the Madison Square Garden's Lobby. It's an important part of the league so it will most likely be streamed. Details on how to watch it online are expected soon so make sure to follow NBA 2K League's social network pages. In the meantime u7buy news section is a good to get NBA 2K18 MT information and latest news.

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