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Rocket League - What is Tournament Update

time 04/05/2018

Rocket League players are getting ready for one of the biggest game updates. Named the Tournament Update, the patch is set to go live on the third of April. The most important feature of this new patch is the tournament system. Competition is an important part of the game and most players enjoy it because it gives them the chance to compete against each other in a fun environment. The update introduces a new system that gives players all the necessary tools to design their own tournaments. This is done in game. When designing this feature, developers wanted to make it as complex as possible while keeping it easy to use and intuitive. The Create Tournament menu has a couple of options that allow players to set their own rules. They will be able to choose a starting date for the tournament, the game mode, team size, bracket size, winning conditions, region, and joining rules. Players can make their tournament free to enter for anyone or restrict the participation to those that have a certain rank. They can also make the tournament private or public. This feature was in beta so players had the chance to test it and give feedback. Even though this feature is just implemented, developers are already planning the next phase which should come in a few months. 
Besides tournament system, the update comes with a couple of other improvements. It will now be easier to look through the inventory and to find a certain Rocket League item buy as more filtering, sorting, and organizing methods were added. Players will be able to monitor their online connection thanks to the new four indicators that let them know when there are server issues, when they have lag, when there's a variance in latency, and when there's a problem with data transfer. The soundtrack has been enriched with more songs from Monstercat. Players are also able to obtain more items from the Triumph crates. The Nintendo Switch version has gone through performance updates and now has more video options. 

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