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Runescape 3 – Don't Miss the Spring Fayre!

time 04/07/2018

One of the most popular Runescape 3 events is the Spring Fayre. It's fun and it has a ton of rewarding activities. This year, players have an extra reason to enjoy the event as the fee was removed. Tokens to take part in the event are no longer needed. 
Players that wish to see what the event is all about are invited to go to Lumbridge. Here they will find Kristlin, the Fortune Teller that will give them tarot cards. These cards can be acquired from other activities too but the chance is pretty small. Players can find out their fortune but there's an activity that will also predict their misfortune. There are 17 misfortunes to collect from Zoltan. This activity gives players the chance to collect a plushie version of the Mighty Zoltan. If you want to take part in a Scavenger Hunt game then you should look for Trixie. Claw-Dia Stall gives players the chance to get daily prizes. A Test of Strength is the perfect opportunity to show everyone the power that lies in you. If obstacle courses are your thing then make sure to visit the Agility Funhouse. Accuracy can be tested by throwing axes. Another fun thing to do during the event is to grab a weapon and take part in Easter Egg Shy. There are never enough treats so players will also be required to make some candy floss, prepare enough cheap Runescape 3 Gold  for this event. There wouldn't be a proper celebration without dancing and there's an activity for that as well. Hook a duck has three difficulty levels now. 
Players can obtain the cosmetic hook a duck flail. The fish in bag pet can also be obtained during this event. There is also an Easter pet/hat that is waiting to be collected. Other activities that shouldn't be missed are bucking baroo and helter skelter. Players will also notice that portals that take them to various places of interest are available. Four times a day, players will enjoy an hour of increased XP. Spring Fayre ends on April 23rd. 
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