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Should You Play NBA 2K18 Mobile?

time 04/09/2018

Chances are if you are an NBA 2K18 player, you know that there's a mobile version of the game as well. This is not to be mistaken with the companion app. NBA 2K18 mobile is a buy to play game whereas the companion app is free. The game can be played even if users aren't NBA 2K18 players while the app only works with a game account. The companion app provides extended game functionality so there's no reason to get it if you are not playing the game. The mobile game can be played by anyone. It costs around $8 but the price varies depending on region and conversion to the local NBA 2K18 currency. NBA 2K18 mobile is available for both Android and iOS. Potential players should also know that app has microtransactions. Here is what you get when buying the game. 
The mobile game features a MyCarreer and an Association mode. MyCareer is the journey of MyPlayer through the world of basketball and his development. Association mode gives players the chance to become managers and to take care of an entire franchise. Modes like Blacktop are also part of the game. Players also have the option to take part in Quick Game mode. 
Those who have played NBA 2K17 mobile should be well familiar with these modes. Players will also find out that the app has a great selection of tunes. Songs from famous artists like Kendrick Lamar and Shakira are part of the soundtrack. The game offers a pretty complex control scheme for a mobile game. Before spending money on the game, players should make sure that their device can run it. It takes about 3GB of storage on iOS and about 2.5 GB on Android so make sure you have free space. The complete OS requirements are found on iTunes and Google Play. The game is pretty demanding graphics wise and users with not so powerful devices have been complaining about slowness and lag. NBA 2K18 mobile is recommended for those who are NBA 2K fans and want a different approach to their favorite game. 

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