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ESO – Summerset Expansion Preview

time 04/12/2018

The next ESO expansion has been announced. It is called Summerset and it's available starting May 21. Pre-orders have already begun. A new continent will be added to the game. It's the area that is home to the High Elves and it hasn't been featured in a TES game since Arena. Six new zones are waiting to be explored. Shimmerene is the starting area for players that are just stepping foot in Summerset and get ESO gold. It's called the City of Lights but it's not exactly a welcoming place. Rellenthil is a charming place where a tired adventurer can find some rest and relaxation at the bathhouse and also delight with local entertainment provided by the Reveries artists. Alinor is the main city and the capital of Summerset. Cloudrest is no longer inhabited because it's not the safest area but that will not stop a group of seasoned adventurers. This is a new 12-man trial. The crystal atop the Crystal Tower is a mysterious object whose function is known to a select number of individuals only. Those who have this knowledge, the Sapiarchs, can be found in Lillandril. The Mages Guild can be found here as well. The two orders are enemies. The new zones will have new world bosses and dungeons but also a new activity called abyssal geysers. 
Adventurers will meet notable NPCs such as Queen Ayrenn and Proxy Queen Alwinarwe. Summerset provides a great opportunity for TES veteran fans. Players will finally find out what is the Psijic Order, uncover its history, and even join its ranks. A Psijic skill line will be available. Players will gain access to powerful abilities such as Undo, the ability to restore stats to the value they had four seconds ago. Meditate allows players to recover the three main stats. They can gain an advantage in battle with Time Stop. The crafting system is enhanced with a new profession. Jewelcrafting will allow skilled adventurers to make their own rings and necklaces and other ESO items. Players will be happy to know that if they pre-order the new expansion, they also get a copy of the Morrowind expansion if they don't have it already. 

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