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What is New in Rocket League with Patch 1.43

time 04/14/2018

Rocket League got a huge update with Patch 1.43. It's also called the Tournament Update because the biggest feature is the tournament system. This is a newly added system that gives players the possibility to create and join tournaments. But the update has other exciting features that are worth mentioning.  
Nintendo Switch players will be happy to know that the game got some console specific updates. The video capture feature is now available. The Video menu has a Performance and Quality choice now. The following updates are for all devices. Players will be able to know what is going on with their connection with the new indicators that alert players when there are latency issues, server issues, and when packages are lost. In a continuous effort to create a healthy environment for all players, a chat ban will now limit the banned players access to the message system. 
Players will notice that four new country flags are now available. The countries in question are Tuvalu, Brunei, Nauru, and Monaco. A new type of crate called Triumph is ready to be obtained. New soundtrack from Monstercat can be enjoyed. Those who use Steam now have the option to listen to game tunes on Spotify. The inventory got some improvements as well. Players can mark some items as favorites and these items will be shown first in each tab. Items will now stack. Sorting options like date of acquisition and quality are available. Players can search and filter garage items. The Options menu has now a new Rocket League item called Interface that allows users to make all sorts of changes to their interface. The selection of competitive maps now includes Aquadome and Starbase ARC. Bugs were addressed as well in this update. The French and Dutch localization is now better. Issues with some decals were fixed. Steam players will no longer see their game crash when doing certain actions. The update is automatically applied. If the game has not updated yet, players should restart their console to cause the patch to be applied. Those who play on PC should restart the Steam app.

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