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How to Celebrate ESO Anniversary Event

time 04/18/2018

To celebrate four years since ESO was released, the developers have created an in-game anniversary event. Players start by claiming the free item from the Crown Store. The ESO item is called Jubilee Cake voucher and is obtained without spending any money. The item gives players the Ache for Cake quest. They will be required to find Tamriel's most beloved chef. Luckily, he hangs out in the three main cities so it's not hard at all to find him. He is called Chef Donolon. Players will find him in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard. As a reward for completing the quest, players get a collectible item called Anniversary Jubilee Cake. This will be added to players collections. To check it out in the collection menu, players need to first open the Collectibles menu and then look for the Mementos tab. The cake actually works as an XP buff. Each deliciously looking slice will not only satisfy a visual sweet tooth but also increase the taste for adventure. After eating a slice, players get a two hour XP buff of 100%. The good news is that the buff stacks with other buffs. 
Weekly and daily quests give more rewards during the event. Players will get the usual reward for completing the quest plus a gift box. This chest contains crafting materials such as food ingredients, ores, and so on. The box will also include a rare crafting item such as motif pages. It is now easier for players to see repeatable quests thanks to the Adventurer's Almanac, second edition. This book is found close to Donolon. The book is added to the Eidetic memory if players have finished the Mages Guild quest chain. The book has valuable information on daily and weekly quests. The anniversary event lasts until April 16th. This is a really good time to level up. For some real ESO powerleveling, players are advised to use the XP buff with XP scrolls and/or the premium subscription.

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