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CS: GO Community is not Happy With the Trading Changes

time 04/21/2018

CS: GO item trading has been the cause of many heated debates. Trading is not exactly part of the game but it's an important aspect of it. Players use the Steam trading system to move items between themselves. This is a system used by lots of players. It's a good system however it has some vulnerabilities. There are some who found a way to scam others using this system. The team behind the game is committed to keeping a safe environment for everyone so they adopted a trading rule that is supposed to make trading safer. Items that are acquired from trading cannot be traded for seven days since the day they were obtained. So these items will have the same trading rules as the items got from the Steam market and items acquired in the game. While this is meant to discourage fraudulent behavior, it affects a part of the users who weren't using the trade system in a negative way. The development team encourages players to share their feedback on this matter but some of them made more than to just voice their opinion.
A petition against this update was started. The CS: GO player who started the petition believes that the change will have undesired effects on the entire trading system. The starter of the petition states that trading will essentially be slowed in a significant way because of the update. More players think the same. The petition has gained 133,000 signatures so far. It had an initial goal of 75,000 signature and, at the moment, the extended goal is 150,000 signatures. Content creators like YouTubers have shown their support for the petition by talking about it on social media. Whether the trading changes will positively or negatively impact the system, only time can tell. The developers do what they think it's best for the game and the community, but there are no ways to predict the future or the behavior of the players. 
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