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Madden NFL 19 and Nintendo Labo?

time 04/19/2018

Nintendo Labo came to surprise us all. Proof of this are the millions of visualizations that his presentation obtained on YouTube. It is clear that Nintendo always presents us with new possibilities and ways to play.
He presented us with a couple of new games that will make use of this new cardboard technology in their Nintendo Direct. However, we are 100% sure that many games will use this technology; Madden NFL 19 for example.
A new way to play football
Madden NFL 18 coins cheap and the game is a great that does not need changes, but to follow the wonderful formula that it already created. However, if you have new technology, why not use it? Nintendo Labo can greatly benefit Madden NFL 19 and then we tell you why.
It would make the game more familiar
Nintendo has an innate magic that makes their games can be enjoyed as a family. Maybe they can adapt a device with the cardboard and the Joycon to simulate the ball and can be launched between the family or even between friends.
The team of a soccer player could be elaborated
Did you see the backpack with cables that allowed the movements of a robot? Well, it could serve in the same way but in the form of shoulder pads and an arm swing allows us to throw the ball. It sounds great, doesn’t it?
It would make the game more durable
With the new inclusion of ways to play and cardboard designs of the Nintendo Labo, Madden NFL 19 for Nintendo Switch could be valid for years! Nintendo Labo would increase the life of the game by means of new dynamics made with cardboard. And this is a good time to buy MUT 18 account cheap.
We will have to wait to play football with cardboard.

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