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NBA 2K18 – NBA 2K League Draft Results

time 04/22/2018

This is an important year for NBA 2K18 and not just because the game is more popular than ever. It's the year when NBA 2K League is set to take off with the inaugural season. The latest bit of news about the league's development regards the draft. This is the process through which the participating teams select their players. The draft was held on April 4th at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The seventeen NBA teams got to draft their players just like in the real NBA. This draft was a one of a kind event as it's the first time when sports teams are involved in drafting e-sports players. The 102 participating players are the best NBA 2K18 players in the world who passed all the qualifying stages. Drafting may be a common process in the NBA but it's not something seen every day in the e-sports world. Before the draft event, the draft lottery was held to decide the starting order. The machine used for the lottery was the same one that is used in the NBA. 
The draft event started with a press conference from Adam Silver, Brendan Donohue, and Strauss Zelnick. They represent the NBA commissioner, the league director, and the Take-Two CEO. They expressed not just their support but also the belief that the league will become an important player on the sports themed e-sports stage. The first pick went to Mavs Gaming, the NBA 2K League team supported by the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. Artreyo Boyd known by his gamer name as Dimez was the first drafted player in what was named the first historic pick of the league. The draft consisted of six rounds during which each team got to choose one player. The complete list of teams and players can be checked out on the official NBA 2K League website. Two days after the draft, more details about the structure of the league were made public. The prize pool and the starting date were announced. The first games will be played in May 2018. At last, NBA 2K18 MT sale at u7buy now, get reliable service and fast delivery. 

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