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FF14 - What You Need to Know About Astragalos

time 04/26/2018

Rival Wings Astragalos (or simply Astragalos) is one of the most recently introduced FF14 PvP activities. It's new for FF14 but it's not new for those that are familiar with games like DotA2 or League of Legends. This mode is based on MOBA rules. There are two requirements to take part in the activity. The first one is to have a character that has at least level 30 in a discipline of magic or war. Players must also finish the A Pup No Longer quest. 
Astragalos is a PvP activity for 48 players. There are two competing teams. Each team has six light parties. One team is the Ravens. Their enemies are the Falcons. A game lasts for 20 minutes. To win it, a team must destroy an enemy structure called the core. The core is located in the base so destroying it means breaking a team's defenses. If no team manages to destroy the core, then three elements are considered. These are the number of remaining towers, tower HP, and core HP. This is the priority based on which these three elements are taken into account. It's possible for the game to end in a draw. Towers are defensive structures whose function is to protect the core, to restore HP to friendly players, and to shield them from damage. Each team has two towers. Steam cannons can be built near towers to protect them. The core can take damage only after the towers are down. Ceruleum is a resource that is generated and obtained when killing opponents. This resource is used to recruit war machines. There are three types: cruise chaser, oppressor, and brute justice. The core spawns a type of unit called mammet that automatically travels toward the opponent's base and attacks enemy mammets. When players kill enemy players, the entire team receives a buff that boosts damage, decrease taken damage, and increases received healing and FF14 Gil. The rewards for completing Astragalos include XP, PvP XP, wolf marks, Allagan Tomestones of Poetics, of Creation, and of Mendacity. There are also some achievements associated with this activity. 

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