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The Evolution of Madden NFL

time 04/27/2018

Madden NFL has been found on almost every console since its release. The Atari was the first to witness the appearance of football games, which, being totally honest, was not the best version of Madden NFL.
Everything was only pixels and there was no objective as such. That made the popularity of the EA sports game go downhill and we did not see a second part of that game on the Atari console. The times were changing and with that, also the systems (but we'll talk about that in the next article).
More powerful consoles arrived, such as the Super Nintendo and the Sega Gensiss, where the sport games were taking even more strength. It was at that time when Madden NFL became a franchise and began to launch annual editions. As of today, we are going into the Madden NFL 2018 account edition of a franchise that started almost 30 years ago.
Gradual innovation
Although, every year there was no brutal innovation as expected or as other titles showed (Metal Gear Solid Saga), Madden NFL did show innovation every 3 or 4 years. The biggest evidence of this is in the 2018 edition, where EA put all his attention and all his heart into creating a perfect video game in every way, which was very different from what we had seen in the franchise.
New game modes, new graphics and a Frostbite engine that improves the experience by 99%. It is difficult to predict the future from here and most likely Madden NFL 19 is a version without many changes, but from U7Buy, we would like to see a real change and not just one based on the roster.

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