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Runescape 2007 - What is Gnome Restaurant

time 04/29/2018

Runescape 2007 has a mini-game called Gnome Restaurant. It's a mini-game but it's also an introduction to gnome cooking. The requirement for this activity is to have at least 29 in the cooking skill. Players will start by talking to Aluft Gianne Jr. NPC. He can be found inside the Grand Tree. He will then redirect players to his father. Aluft Gianne Snr. and Blurberry are the NPCs that teach players how to make gnome foods and cocktails. After a few easily completed tasks, players are ready to start delivery orders.
The mini-game is all about delivery. Players talk to Gianne Jr. to get an order of food or drinks. The task requires them to take the RS item account to a certain location before the timer runs out. There are two types of orders. Based on the allotted time, easy and hard tasks are available. Players have six minutes to complete an easy task that will require traveling not very far from the Grand Tree. Hard tasks have to be completed within 11 minutes. They are to be delivered all over the world. This may sound close to impossible in the beginning but there are ways to get the task done within the time frame. Players should know that the order can be prepared in advance. They don't need to actually cook the foods after taking the order. They can have it prepared and stored in the bank. There is a bank pretty close to the NPC that gives the task.
Although there are no requirements for starting the mini-game, having completed a couple of quests will be of great help. Players should first complete Tree Gnome Village. It's also recommended to have a quick method of reaching destinations like Ardougne Castle, Varrock Palace, or Magic Guild. Gnome Restaurant is not hard but it involves a lot of traveling so players should first focus on completing quests as they will eventually gain access to quick traveling methods. Rewards for completing tasks include Runescape 2007 gold, herbs, gems, runes, seeds, and rare items such as the mint cake, gnome goggles, scarf, and the ultra rare magic seed.

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