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Rocket League - How to Get Fan Rewards

time 05/03/2018

Rocket League has a program that recompenses those who watch game events on Twitch. The program is called Fan Rewards. To participate in the program, players have to link their Twitch account to their game account. It might be needed to first give permission to the game to use the device account. For example, this authorization is needed on Nintendo Switch. To do this, players need to navigate to the Extras menu and then select the Link Nintendo Account option. This will allow the game to use the account associated with the device. The next step is done on the Rocket League website. 
To opt in for the Fan Rewards program, players need to have a Twitch account. They will use that account to log on Twitch from the official game website and follow the instructions to have their accounts joined. When this is done, they are eligible to obtain Fan Rewards. These rewards are obtained when watching Rocket League Championship Series streams on Twitch. Fan Rewards are not obtainable all the time. To make sure they won't miss an opportunity to get these rewards, players are encouraged to follow Rocket League Esports on Twitter at @RLEsports. It's also important to mention that watching the stream does not guarantee getting the rewards. 
The Fan Rewards program has multiple phases. Since it was released, two phases allowed viewers to get prizes. Each phase has unique items. The rewards include rocket boosts, toppers, decals, and Rocket League wheels. The decals that are available in the current Phase 2 are Dune Racer for Octane, Fantasmo for Dominus, and Foggy for Breakout. The Ballistic goal explosion is among the rewards too. RL Esports and Winning Streak player banners are also on the rewards list. Blast Ray rocket boost and EQ rocket trail are available. Two-Timer and Stoic Muffin toppers can also be obtained. The Fan Rewards wheels are Razzle and Aether. The current rewards phase started on March 10 and it will last for a few months most likely. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account