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NBA 2K18 – NBA 2K League Structure

time 05/04/2018

The day when the world's best NBA 2K18 players clash against each other in the first league that joins e-sports and real sports is drawing near. The structure of the first NBA 2K League season was made public. There will be 17 weeks of exciting competitions starting with 1st of May. The finals will be played in August. 
The first phase is the tip-off tournament. The prize pool for this tournament is $100,000. It will last for five days, from 1st of May until 5th of May. This tournament will have pool play. There will be four groups of teams. The winner and the runner-up in each group will go to the playoff rounds. This is a competition with single elimination rules. After the tip-off tournament, there will be 12 weeks of games and two more tournaments. There will be a tournament after the first four weeks and another one after four more weeks of games. The prize pool for both tournaments is $300,000. At least 19 games for the 17 teams will be played. The first weekly game will be played on May 11 and May 12. The last weekly game is played on August 10 and August 11. The last phase of the season starts with the playoffs events. Teams will have a week of break after the last weekly game. The first playoffs event, the quarterfinals, will begin on August 17. This is a single elimination event. Those who make it to the next phase won't have a moment of rest. The semifinals will be played the next day on August 18. The winning rules for the semifinals are best of three. The last games are scheduled a week after the finals are played. The finals of the NBA 2K inaugural season will be played on August 25. The same rules, best of three, will be used for the finals as well. The total prize pool for the first season is $1 million. The champion will get $300,000. If you want to win, it's time to buy NBA 2K18 MT for your team and start to train. Fans can watch the games and the finals on streaming platforms. 

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