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PUBG Global Invitational Begins in July 2018

time 05/08/2018

PUBG is becoming a regular presence in the world of e-sports. It was announced that a new tournament will be held this year. It's called PUBG Global Invitational 2018. What's special about this tournament is that is the first one that will be organized by PUBG Corp, the studio that is in charge of the game. The showdown is a confrontation between some of the best PUBG teams. There are 20 teams that will participate in this event. The opponents are from all over the world. The final matches are played at the end of July but first, the 20 teams that will compete against each other must be selected. 
Players have the chance to sign up and take place in the qualifying rounds. These will take place roughly a month before the final games. Starting July, there will be qualifying tournaments that will decide which teams get to go the next phase. The tournaments are regional so players from Europe, Asia, and North America are invited to give their best. There will be three teams for each one of these three regions. Asia region does not include Korea, Japan, and China. These countries can have representatives in the tournament too but they have their own region separated from Asia. Eight teams equally divided between the Russian Commonwealth, Japan, China, and Korea are participating. South and Latin America will have one team in the tournament. The same applies to Oceania and Middle East and North Africa. Each team has four members. 
The final event will be held between July 25 and July 29. Two winning teams will be selected. PUBG can be played in two perspectives, third person and first person, so there will be a winner for each mode. The first two days are dedicated to the TPP champion and in the remaining two days the FPP winner will be chosen. The total prize pool for this tournament is $2 million. 
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