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Rocket League – What You Need to Know About Arenas

time 05/16/2018

The physics based fast paced action of Rocket League is unleashed on maps called arenas. Each game is instanced. Arenas are the locations where players meet to compete against each other or to take on single player challenges. There are several arenas available. Players will notice that all arenas have some elements in common such as the goal and boost pads. These pads refill the boost meter. Normally, they are placed on the corners and/or outline the arena. Each arena has several spawning places. Players can start the game in front of the goal in the area that is known as the goal box. They can also be placed in the penalty area. It's also possible that players begin the game close to the starting place of the defender. The spawning point depends on the arena. There are arenas on which players are placed on opposite sides. 
The game features standard, alternate, and seasonal arenas. There are around 10 normal or standard maps and Rocket League Items. Some have been in the game since release day, others were added with patches and as part of bigger updates. Beckwith Park bears the name of someone who is part of the development team as level designer. New players, or those who want to train, are transported to this arena for practice. Neo Tokyo is one of the arenas that were added to the game later. Starbase ARC, Utopia Coliseum, and AquaDome are other standard arenas. Alternate arenas have a special setting. For example, Core 707 is an arena in which players engage in Dropshot scenarios. There are no pads in this arena and also no goals. This is because of the unique mode rules. Tokyo Underpass was built based on players' feedback and it has more levels. The map has a standard version which is called Neo Tokyo. Other alternate arenas are ARCtagon, Dunk House, and Badlands. Seasonal arenas such as Farmstead are available during special events. Standard and alternate arenas can have environment variations such as stormy, day/night, midnight, dusk, and snowy. 

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