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CS: GO – How to Browse the Community Market

time 05/22/2018

CS: GO community market is the place where players can exchange items between themselves. The used currency is real money. Prices are displayed in local currency or other currency depending on regional settings. To access the marketplace, players must first start CS: GO from their Steam app. They will then select Inventory from the main menu. The last option in the inventory screen is the community market. This will open a window showing CS: GO items that are currently available to buy. The market is not a CS: GO feature. There are more Steam games that allow player trading using this system. 
At the top of the market screen there will be a message saying “Showing results for: ”. In this case, the name will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the game logo will also be displayed. Players can use the three filters to browse items. Clicking on Name will show items in alphabetical or reversed alphabetical order. If the Quantity option is used, then the items are sorted in an ascending or descending order based on quantity. The last option is price. Players can view the cheapest or the most expensive items that are available on the market. Items are displayed on rows. A row represents an entry. It has multiple elements. The first one is a picture showing the item. The second one is the item's name. The third element is the quantity. Items like boxes can be sold in stacks. The last element is the starting price. 
The right side of the market screen has two search options. The first field allows players to input an item's name and look for it directly rather than browsing the market. The second option has multiple filters. Players can narrow their search based on collection, the professional player that is using that item, sticker collection, team, weapon type, quality, category, exterior, graffiti collection, graffiti type, graffiti color, sticker type, tournament, and type. There is also a checkbox that allows players to include the description when searching. Players can click on an item to find out details and statistics about it. 
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