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NBA 2K18 – How to Register for the 2K League Newsletter

time 05/24/2018

The best NBA 2K18 players in the world are competing in the first season of the NBA 2K League. The matches began in May but the other stages such as the qualifications and draft started months ago. E-sports and game fans can keep up with news and what's going on in the league by signing up to receive the newsletter. The registration is done on the league's website. 
The register page has some fields that fans must fill in. The first field is first name and the second one is last name. The newsletter is just for announcements and recent happenings so registrants don't have to give their real names if they don't want to. They can simply write any name they wish. The next info that has to be provided is an email address. This is the address on which league fans will receive the news so it has to be a valid one. The fourth and last question is about basketball teams. There is a drop-down list that contains all NBA teams. Registrants are required to pick their favorite team. Any selection will do. This step is mandatory for the registration so even if you don't have a favorite NBA team, just make a random selection. The next two options give registrants the chance to opt in or out on various offers. If the first option is selected, those who register will also receive ads concerning NBA services and products. The second option is similar to the first one but allows league partners to send ads as well. It's not necessary to opt in for the ads to receive league news. The third checkbox is mandatory for registration. This is about terms and privacy. A couple of lines just below this third option detail what this is about so anyone can find out more about it. The last step is to click on the sign up button. 
Other ways to find out what's going on in the league is to follow NBA 2K League on Twitter and also NBA 2K18 as league related news are often retweeted on the game's profile. And players could buy NBA 2K18 MT cheap from u7buy -- the best and reliable shop.

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