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Elder Scrolls Online – What You Need to Know About Cloudrest Trial

time 05/27/2018

Summerset expansion for Elder Scrolls Online is just around the corner. It brings, among many other features, a new 12-man trial called Cloudrest. The city is the home of the Welkynar. These are the four gryphon riders who protect the city that stands at the highest point on the entire continent. A poisonous purple cloud is surrounding it and its protectors are gone. There is a quarantine that prevents anyone from going in or out. Cloudrest is a trial so it takes a 12 man team to investigate what's going on and deal with whatever foe has taken over the city. It turns out that the Welkinar are being kept prisoners in the city and they have been corrupted. Only one of them still has his wits about but fighting evil is too much for one individual, gryphon rider or not. Players must fight the corrupted warriors and put a stop to whoever has conquered the city before it gets out and takes control of the continent. The trial is also connected to the story. 
There are four bosses. One of them is the main one while the other three are its lieutenants. The bosses don't need to be fought in a certain order. Encounters are similar to the ones from Maw of Lorkhaj. One mechanic that is common to all bosses is the shadow realm. A part of the team will be transported to an alternate realm. What goes on in the shadow realm affects the real one and vice versa so players need to know what to do. Teamwork is of great importance. If players are not familiar with the fight, that might cause a wipe. 
The ESO  Cloudrest Trial has unique loot. Players have the chance to get new sets of items. Four of them are available. If the trial is completed in veteran mode, players obtain the Perfected item variant. This version is better than the normal one. For downing the last boss on normal or veteran, players get a new trophy and bust. The shadow skin is obtained for completing the trial on the highest difficulty setting. 

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