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PUBG – The Ghillie Crossing Event

time 06/13/2018

PUBG players have learned by now that the weekend comes with unique events that put a twist in the gameplay. One of the latest events was called Ghillie Crossing. The event is played on Erangel Map. The weather mode chosen for the event is sunny. There will be no other weather conditions during the weekend event. The number of participants is the same as usual, a hundred. The weapons that can be used are crossbows and melee weapons. A special type of item can be found among normal loot. Players have the chance to get ghillie suits. Players should get ready to fight with melee weapons only and crossbows as no other type of weapons will spawn. There are also only three types of scopes spawning. These are two, three, and four. Players won't be able to use bigger scopes. Other items that will spawn are consumables, bolts, and grenades. Players will also find quivers for crossbows. Those who are wondering about killer spectating should know that this is possible in the mode. 
There will also be no vehicles in this special weekend mode. If players want to head out to the safe zone as soon as possible, they should know that the zone originates from the center of the play area. There is also a blue zone damage. This area gets bigger as the time is running out. Players can join one of the three queues. There is a queue for four players teams from any region. There is also a queue for Korea and Japan for third person perspective. The third queue is for third and first person perspective. Two of the usual features that are not present in this mode are red zones and care packages. Just like all other PUBG weekend modes, this one is available to anyone who has the game. Weekend modes are just for fun and even though they may seem unbalanced or unfair, not everyone likes crossbows for example, players should keep in mind that they are not a permanent game addition.  
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