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With Cristiano in Juventus! FUT 19 Would Have Nine Teams Available for the Beta

time 08/13/2018

Just as we were saying in the last article, FUT 19made a change to include the latest Cristiano Ronaldo football decision and it happened really fast. Actually, EA took just few days to make this change and it looks like that it was very easy to do so. 
After Cristiano Ronaldo closed his signing with Juventus of Italy, EA Sports did not show more the well-known cover with the striker wearing the Real Madrid jersey. Since then very few details of the release have been revealed, but FUT 19 would already have a preliminary list of equipment for the beta.
The filtration comes thanks to the comments of several media that already had the possibility of playing the simulator in advance. On September 12, it will open the FUT 19 beta, two weeks before its official launch.
The teams that are known so far are the following:
- Atlético de Madrid
- Borussia Dortmund
- FC Bayern
- Juventus
- Manchester City
- Manchester United
- Paris Saint-Germain
- Real Madrid
- Tottenham Hotspur
Perhaps the meeting that will most reproduce the users will be Real Madrid vs. Juventus These two teams are candidates to be the best team in the entire videogame, they will be seen a lot in eSports.
FUT 19 will be launched on September 28 to platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. One the same day, FUT 19 Coins service will be online too. It will also have the licenses of the UEFA Chaampions League, the Europa League and the European Supercup, because PES lost the contracts.

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