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CS:GO - Train Map

time 08/17/2018

Train is one of the oldest CS:GO maps. It has been part of the Counter-Strike series starting with the first game. The map was updated several times. The scenario for this map is bomb defusal. The winning condition for the Terrorist team is to plant the bomb and to destroy the payload. The Counter-Terrorists' job is to stop them by defusing the bomb. A team can also win if they defeat all members of the enemy team. 
The CS:GO version of Train is different from the one from the previous games. It has been recreated and it's practically a new map based on the classic version. Developers didn't want to remove the map as it was popular but they knew they had to make it more suitable for the nature of the game and also more visually appealing. So the solution was to completely rebuild it. Bombsite A is the place where players take control of the target. It's one of the map areas where combat is focused. Several graphical elements were improved in such a way that the new details don't distract players' attention. The changes also allow players to have a more tactical approach. They can make a strategy to check if there are any hidden enemies. Before the changes, the only way to scout site A was to charge into it. This would often be the equivalent of death. The improvement made the targets more visible. Bombsite B was also changed. After the update, the team who assaults the site can use smoke grenades from a safe spot. The tunnels went through an overhaul as well. The middle part of them from the Counter-Terrorists side was removed. The place outside of the ladder room can now be used. The two teams enter the tunnels from opposite entrances. 
There is one Steam achievement related to this map. Train Map Veteran achievement requires players to win 100 rounds while playing on this map. Train is one of the maps that are part of the active duty set. Find more guide and buy CSGO skins from u7buy which is a professional site of ingame service. 

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