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FUT 18 EWorld Cup Will Have Anti-doping Controls Managed By FUT Itself

time 08/27/2018

The cases of doping in the world of traditional sports are very sporadic. On the other hand, in eSports, this practice has become increasingly common. Many players choose to take pills to improve concentration to stimulants that improve their performance. The FUT 18 World Cup will seek to control the problem.
FUT itself has decided to participate in the development of FUT's FUT eWorld Cup 18. By representing the official eSport of the largest body of football, it will be aligned with the codes of ethics and discipline of football.
The 32 FUT players will pass at some point in the competition for the analyzes. FUT is seeking to align itself with the Esports Integrity Coalition (EIC), to later raise its cases to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
FUT 18 will have the first eSport that is in accordance with the regulations of traditional sports, when doping is concerned. Each participant must sign the Disciplinary Code and the FUT Code of Ethics.
On the other hand, betting houses will be meticulously controlled by the governing body of football to avoid fraud or deception.
What do you think?
It is incredible that these types of games have events of such magnitude. There is no doubt that the day will soon come when video games will overtake the film industry. Read and profess our words, in less than 10 years, videogames will be an established sport and will be more popular than movies ... of course, without mentioning the profits that will be left to the industry.

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