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DotA 2 – What is the Underhollow

time 09/05/2018

The Underhollow is a twist of the usual DotA 2 gameplay. Players who want to take part in this unique mode must first acquire the Battle Pass for the Invitational 2018. The Battle Pass has much more than access to this mode. The Underhollow is a PvP activity with a scenario similar to battle royale games. Players form teams of three members each. There will be eight teams competing in this mode. The goal is to defeat all enemy teams. A team is considered defeated when all of its members are killed. 
This mode is played on a new map called the Underhollow. It's the lair of Roshan where he hides his most precious treasures, wheels of cheese. The lair is a labyrinth. Players will navigate the labyrinth and battle each other. The zones of the map, rooms, are placed around the center. Once every five minutes, players are forced to advance as the outermost chambers get destroyed and they start taking massive damage. Rooms are filled with monsters that can be defeated for treasures, XP, DotA 2 items, and consumables. One of the most valuable items is the Roshefort Cheese. Players get a notification when one is available and also when a team acquires it. The cheese gives 300 battle points. The room difficulty increases as players advance from the outer rooms towards the core. Clearing a room gives great rewards so all players will want to do that to prepare for the fights against the enemy players. The rooms are never the same. The game generates them randomly so players will never know for sure what to expect when they enter a room. As rooms are destroyed, players don't have much space to move freely and they will eventually engage in combat. Tombstones play a significant part in this mode. They are used to revive allies and to permanently eliminate enemies. When a player is defeated, the others can loot gold and items from them. The roster for the Underhollow is almost the same as for the regular game. With the exception of 15 heroes, all others are available in this mode. 

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