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In Madden NFL 19, A Commitment to Realism (First Part)

time 09/12/2018

Sports are one of the most successful segments of the video game industry. Most of these franchises publish a new installment in a religiously annual way for a captive and faithful audience.
Electronic Arts is currently the undisputed leader of the category, having the rights of NHL, FUT, NBA, UFC, and the NFL to publish video games based on these leagues. Its most recent release is Madden NFL 19 (Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Windows), the thirty-sixth installment in a long line of football video games, which since 1988 has been published for PC, consoles and mobile devices.
What does it contain?
This latest version of Madden reached the public just last week, along with the announcement that this popular series has already sold more than 130 million copies throughout its history, becoming one of the longest and most successful in history, generating billions of dollars in profits uninterrupted.
On the one hand, sports are one of the most difficult types of games to play, because the basic mechanics cannot change throughout their different deliveries, limiting their developers to work with the same model year after year, trying to make feel fresh without having to change much. On the other hand, video games are easier to sell, because their fans, what they are looking for is that system already known, but with minor improvements and an update in the league of available players, Madden NFL 19 coins, which allows them to manage their idols in the court.
Madden NFL 19 was developed by the EA Shark studio, based in Florida and specialized in sports video games, and directly responsible for Madden deliveries. Being a sports video game, it presents practically the same mechanics as its predecessors, now with notable improvements in graphics, physics and game modes.

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