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FUT 19 for Nintendo Switch Will Weigh Less Than FUT 18

time 09/26/2018

The new game of FUT for Switch will have a smaller size than its version of last year, despite having many important improvements over the previous one.
The Nintendo Switch eShop has been updated once again to start hosting some of the great releases that are coming to the console in the coming weeks. This update has allowed us to know the weight of games such as Mega Man 11 (2.1GB) or Dragon Ball FighterZ (6.2GB), but especially striking has been the FUT 19, which will be a total of 13.7GB.
The case of FUT 19, of which we remind you that we have just published our final impressions from Berlin, has come to our attention because its predecessor, FUT 18, had a size of 14.3GB on the Nintendo Switch. Neither edition has the way The Way of Alex Hunter, but FUT 19 is more fluid, has improved graphics and will include new game modes as well as the longed for chance to play with friends, so it is surprising that its weight, instead of increasing, it is reduced. Something that does not have to mean something bad. Everything contario.
We leave you with the rest of the titles added:
FUT 19 - 13.7GB
Dragon Ball Fighter Z - 6.2GB
Disgaea 1 Complete - 3.2GB
Big Buck Hunter Arcade - 3.2GB
Arena of Valor - 2.3GB
The Midnight Sanctuary - 2.2GB
Mega Man 11 - 2.1GB
Wandersong - 1.8GB
Surgeon Simulator CPR - 1.1GB
Doughlings: Arcade - 379MB
Reigns: King & Queens - 252MB
Omvorm - 83MB
FUT 19 will arrive on September 28, but from this afternoon, the safe FUT 19 Coins service is out for the PS4/Xbox One versions.

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