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FUT Mobile - Is Your Phone Ready for the New Season?

time 11/17/2018

FUT Mobile new season has started. New features and an upgraded game engine are updating the game to a superior experience. The game engine update means that the game graphics were considerably improved. That's why the system requirements for FUT Mobile have changed. There are two sets of requirements. Players must meet certain requirements to download the game. These are not very high so anyone with a relatively new smartphone can play the game. The second set of requirements concerns FUT Mobile's competitive multiplayer mode, head to head. Players' devices must meet higher requirements to be able to play this mode. In other words, you can play the PvE game just fine if you have an older phone but you must have a newer one for competitive player interaction.

Here are the system requirements for downloading the game. iOS users must have at least iPhone 5 or 5c, iPad 4th generation or newer, iPad mini 2, or 6th generation iPod Touch. Android users must have a device with at least 1 GB RAM and an ARM based quad core CPU with at least 1GHz clock speed. These requirements are pretty decent. Players that have a device of this type will still be able to enjoy the majority of the game's content. Those that want to play head to head must have a device with the following requirements. iOS users need an iPhone 6 or newer, sixth generation or later iPod Touch, iPad Air 2 or newer, or iPad Mini 4 or newer. Android users must have a Samsung Galaxy, Asus, Google, LG, Nokia, OnePlus, Razer, Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo, or Sony Xperia device that is released in the last three years or so. There are also some hardware requirements for Android based devices. Snapdragon 2xxx, 400 and 410, and 600 based devices won't be able to run the new mode. Players are reminded to connect their game account with Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center in order to save their progress should they switch devices. So will you keep playing with fut mobile or switch devices? Buy FUT Mobile Coins from u7buy will hellp you fully enjoy the game.

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