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Cristiano Ronaldo Reappears on FUT's Official Website 19

time 11/20/2018

The accusations about an alleged violation committed by Cristiano Ronaldo are altering all commercial relations of the Portuguese star. With regard to the world of video games, the Portuguese is the image associated with FUT 19, being able to see it in most advertisements, on the cover and even in the menus of the game. However, the controversy that looms over him at this time has caused that for a few hours, his image will no longer be visible on the official page of the game.
CR7 is back
We do not know why, after a few hours, Ronaldo reappears in the box that represents the FUT franchise. It is unknown if EA Sports was making any attempt to get away from the Portuguese image in any way, or if on the contrary it was a mere error that they have solved as soon as they have had proof. Although this incident can be nothing, the truth is that EA Sports would not tremble at the moment of eliminating the image of the now Juventus footballer; remember that after the scandals that plagued Tiger Woods a few years ago, the Canadian company itself ended a relationship of more than a decade and that caused the name of the golfer was even the title of the game.
What is certain is that the editor follows closely all the events about this alleged violation committed by Cristiano Ronaldo years ago. We do not know if we will have to see the end of the story for EA to make a decision, but the truth is that the swirl of problems is beginning to happen.
What do you think? Is it fair its re-institution or should EA have waited a little longer? Find more news and information about FUT 19 and buy Fifa 19 players for your team from u7buy with safe guarantee. 

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