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FUT is Updated the Following Week

time 12/06/2018

Surely the news that more players are waiting for FUT 19 is a solution to the problem of game servers in Spain. This problem has been dragging since we could try the game, weeks before its launch, for analysis. As is customary in this type of practice, we trusted that the online aspect of the game worked at full capacity when it came on the market, something that unfortunately has not happened. EA Sports still has not been pronounced by the mess of the Spanish servers, for now, from the company what we get are updates that polish the game experience, solve bugs and add new faces to the players.
In the fourth update of FUT 19 the following changes have been made:
Made some changes to reduce the effectiveness of the defense of teammates controlled by the AI:
Reduced the distance at which a teammate controlled by the AI can stretch to block a shot.
Reduced the distance a teammate controlled by the AI can reach when making an inning.
Increased the effect of fatigue when playing with defensive pressure.
This change will have more effect on fatigue when you play if you have activated constant pressure or team pressure in your game strategy.
This change will have less effect on fatigue when you play if you have activated touch pressure or pressure after losing possession in your game strategy.
For well-measured entries to be more effective, we have increased the tendency of the ball to move away from the dribbler after entry, increasing the chances of losing possession of the ball.
We have reduced the number of passes to the first touch made by players controlled by the AI of the CPU outside their defensive third of the field when playing in the highest difficulties.
We have added the images of 18 new head scanners. (Among which are Diego Godín, Ever Banega and Mauro Icardi).
We have updated the 2D portraits of 2440 players.
We have updated a series of equipment, shields and posters of the teams.
This fourth FUT 19 update is now available on PC, but will arrive next week on Xbox One and PS4. Buy FUT 19 Coins and get ready to enjoy the new FUT 19. 

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