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RuneScape 3 - Winter Weekends

time 12/07/2018

The 2018 winter holidays start with the Winter Weekends event. Starting November 30th and ending January 7th, each weekend will bring something new. Throughout the duration of the event, the player owned ports are buffed. Twenty-five voyages are allowed per day, the number of resources and goods is increased, and there is a chance to get the Barmaid's special voyage on Thursday and on weekends. Each weekend has a certain theme.
The first weekend is about dungeoneering. The death penalty is removed. Players get 25% more slayer XP from elite dungeons and also have double the chances to get lore books. The second weekend (which is actually the first weekend of December) is all about fishing. Players get the chance to catch more fish as spots will be more stable. During this weekend, all players can do deep sea fishing. The electrified jellyfish will not spawn. Bait for sea turtles, manta rays, and great whites works 50% better. Players will also find more uncharted maps and fishing notes. The second weekend of December is about combat. Players will pay 10% less to enter a dungeon. Slayer XP is boosted by 25%. Rare drops have an increased drop rate. The boss slayer assignment can be chosen by the players. The weekend before Christmas is about gathering and support skills. Hunters can get one extra item. Thieves can get more loot from safe cracking. The chance for the pit mini game is increased for agility players. Divination players have the chance to get more fragments and to train more as spots are more stable. The last weekend of 2018 is about mini games. Players get extra rewards or have certain benefits from mini games. Soul wars activity grants double zeal. Barbarian assault gives a better XP bonus and RuneScape 3 Gold buying. Livid farm players get more produce points. Players also get one extra castle wars gold ticket. The last winter weekend takes place between January 4th and January 7th. This weekend is dedicated to farming. Players farms are buffed. More XP is earned from farming related activities.

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