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Problems Continue for FIFA 19

time 12/14/2018

FIFA 19 is still trying to solve the problems it is having in these first months of life. The new game of EA Sports has gone from being considered one of the best simulators of football in recent years to accumulate a large number of criticisms.
The patches that they take out weekly do not finish fixing the faults. One of the mistakes that has accompanied them since last year and that they have tried to correct in the last update is the assisted defense. When the official notes of the patch came out, it seemed that the wishes of the community in this section had been heard and the problems solved, however, the changes have not been as effective as they should be.
It is true that they have reduced the effectiveness of this defense, but even so it continues to be much simpler and more efficient to bet on this type of defensive system than on the manual option.
No Track of Servers
However, there is a big forgotten in this last patch: servers in Spain. Electronic Arts has not spoken about this topic, nor is it expected to do so.
It is true that this problem can´t be solved with a simple patch, but a statement explaining what happened would be appreciated.
At the moment we can only continue to wait for EA to react and address the improvements that the community has been claiming for some time.
While it is true that all games have problems, we believe that FIFA 19 has to solve their problems as soon as possible, as it is one of the most played games currently. We just want to get fifa 19 coins buying and play. In addition, competitions are approaching in Germany and Mexico, so the game should be as optimized as possible.

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