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FUT Mobile – Celebrate Football Freeze in 2018

time 12/29/2018

FUT Mobile is hosting a holiday themed event in December. The event is called Football Freeze and it's a recurring event. However, as the gameplay changed with the start of the new season, the 2018 event is different than the one from last year. Daily login rewards are part of the revamped event. This means that players will be able to get a quick reward just by logging into the game. The event is structured in chapters. There are several chapters to complete. Each chapter has its own team and unique rewards.

Players begin with the thermometer chapter. By playing in this chapter, players will get cold or hot points. It is players' choice what points they choose to earn. These points are used in the next chapter that is called snowflake chapter. The rewards in this chapter include various event themed items like frozen gifts and holiday cheers. These items are used in the following chapter. The next chapter is called holiday cheer. Players will notice a Christmas tree filled with presents. The goal of this chapter is to get cheer and to unlock rewards in the tree. When a reward is available, it will light up so players will know that it is time to collect it. After players complete the entire tree, they unlock a great football player. The reward is Frozen Star master Alexis Sanchez. There are more players of this kind that can be earned. These players, along with many other rewards, are found in frozen gifts.

Special event items like hats and buttons give players the chance to build a snowman. They will need different items such as snowballs and scarves in addition to the ones mentioned above. When a snowman is completed, players get wonderful rewards. There are different types of snowmen that can be built. The best prizes are obtained for completing the match masters snowman. Other rewards include training XP, FUT Mobile coins buying, and rare boosts are up for grabs too.

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