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FIFA 19 is Updated with Changes and Improvements in Online Mode

time 01/01/2019

FIFA 19 has failed to satisfy the online title community as much as the players wanted. For some reason, the servers do not work with the necessary precision, as Electronic Arts has acknowledged in its last communication; in which also anticipate the arrival of the sixth update of the game, already available on PC and soon on PS4 and Xbox One.

The response of the game will be based on the individual connection

According to the information, EA Sports is aware that the community is concerned about the response of the online game and the regularity of that response. They have been reviewing and investigating all problems reported as a priority task; The FIFA team has been working with personnel dedicated specifically to this task. We review all the changes that have been applied so that -espect- the online mode improves considerably:

The first thing that stands out are "improvements in game response in situations where the connection to your opponent's network suffered packet losses or high latency." To this they add that the change directly affects the following game modes:

FUT Champions
FUT Division Rivals
FUT Draft Online
Clubs Pro
Cooperative seasons

EA claims to have identified the source of the error, which effectively prevented the overall response of the game in online matches was up despite a good network connection in between. "From now on, the response of the game should be based on the individual connection of each player and not on the players with or against whom they are playing."

The FIFA 19 team has no qualms about recognizing mistakes and asking for a vote of confidence. "We know that mistakes of this kind can be especially frustrating and that is not the experience we want to offer our players." The game, the leader in sales in Spain from what we have been in 2018, is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. In our analysis we consider him "the king of football" Buy FIFA 19 Coins safe and enjoy now.

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